Services We Provide:
Childcare services for the following age groups-



*After School / School Age -
including transportation to and from school

*Summer Camp Programs    
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"Peppermint Plantation is a GREAT facility for all ages. All the
staff are wonderful with the children. Each building is kept very
clean and the outside of each location looks great. We need more of
this in Midland!!"  6/2008  J.

"I heard positive info from a parent on my son's YMCA basketball
team. I decided to go by and see for my self. I must say, what sold
me was my conversation with one the directors, Alicia Galindo. She
was well informed, seemed to be very excited about the company
as well as her directors. She was well groomed and the area I visited
was neat&clean. Her enthusiasm really excited me and made feel
good about enrolling my child."  8/2008-  prospective parent

11/2008  -  "This place was so organized and clean that I felt right
at home. The curriculum was great. It had low child to teacher
ratios to keep the classes small. The breakfast and lunches are
wonderful. This place is not a daycare but more a very high quality
learning establishment where the kids don't even know they are
learning!"  M.B.

"I went in for a tour and the place was wonderful. Mrs.Shelly
greeted me with a smile and she made me feel so welcome.
She was very helpful and the place was so clean. It just puzzles me
how People chose to say bad things about this daycare. The
teachers were inter- acting with the children, and the director was
helping serve snack.I have never been to a day-care and the
management is involved with the staff and kids. Mrs.Shelly
answered all my questions and she was very friendly. I am going to
take my child there and I do recommend it to anyone."  R.Q.
December 30, 2010

"I've been taking my child for a long time now. I'm very happy
with the service. I'm not sure which location you are talking about
but the one next to the loop by Big Lots rocks my world. They
have brought my little girl out of her shell and into a new roll of
learning and even the roll of leading. I can't say enough about the
ladies that take care of her. They all know her name, not just the
ones that keep her. They always say hello, and always wave and
throw her kisses good bye. It's a production. :D The nice thing is,
my little girl likes to go! That is the tell tell sign!"  E.N.